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Fanny was born and grown up in China, a country with extremely rich and diverse culinary heritages. Tasting the delicious food from different places was one of her most enjoyed activities.

After got her bachelor’s degree in China, she moved to United States to pursuit her graduate degree. She got her Ph.D (majored in Physical Chemistry) within 4.5 years in graduate school. It was during this period that she got exposed to the delicacy from all around the world and the art of cake making.

Shortly after her graduation, she decided to stay home to take care of her little angel. Eventually angel turned into angles. In the process of trying to keep the two little ones (who happen to inherited equally sensitive taste buds) engaged and excited about food everyday, she decisively got better and more creative in making delicious yet healthy food. She also enjoys sharing the creation with family and friends. It morphed into her hobby and big passion.

As time went by, it became clear that she wanted to reach out to more people who also enjoy delicious, beautiful and healthy food. And that was the original motivation of this website. She is going to share the cake, cookie and various Chinese local specialties that she created/made.

In her spare time (if any), she also likes to play Ping-Pong, practice traditional Chinese calligraphy and brush painting, and watch Korean dramas.

Life is too short to live other people’s life, life is too short to not enjoy every single one of them.

Hope you enjoy Fanny’s Favorite.

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